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1. What are the health risks presented by the landfill water?
2. When did Maricopa County first learn of the contamination?
3. How was it determined that the landfill was/is the source for the contamination?
4. Who is liable for any monitoring or clean up?
5. Are there test wells surrounding the landfill?
6. Is the contaminated water used for consumer drinking by DVR residents or any other Phoenix area residents?
7. If it is not potable (drinkable) water, what is the water used for?
8. What work are we doing and why is it important to do it now?
9. Is Maricopa County committed to remediate the problem once the extent of the plume is identified?
10. Based on what is currently known about the contaminated water, what are the typical corrective actions? Would corrective action be taken on the landfill? If so, what might be done?