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Public Health

  1. 2022 Climate and Health Champion Awards Nomination Form

    This countywide recognition program will identify and celebrate local youth, individuals, businesses, organizations and researchers... More…

  2. COVID-19 Community Impact Survey Questions
  3. COVID-19 Parent/Caregiver Questions & Comments
  4. Energy Insecurity Workgroup Interest Form
  5. Media Inquiry Contact Form
  6. Preguntas y Commentarios Sobre la Vacuna Contra COVID-19
  7. Refer Clients to South Phoenix Healthy Start

    Complete this form to refer someone to South Phoenix Healthy Start.

  8. Request WIC at Your Event

    Submit a request to have a WIC presentation at your upcoming event.

  1. Community Health Assessment Survey Request
  2. COVID-19 Mobile Providers Directory Form
  3. COVID-19 School Health & Vaccine Questions
  4. HIPMC Content Submission Form

    HIPMC newsletter content submission form

  5. Por favor llene esta forma para ponerse en contacto con salud pública.

    Por favor llene esta forma para ponerse en contacto con salud pública.

  6. Public Health Contact Us Form

    If you would like to call our administration office, please dial (602) 506-6900.

  7. Request HIPAA Training CD

    CAREWare is a HIPAA compliant system and all users will need HIPAA training on the treatment of protected health information. Please... More…