Who is the Court likely to appoint as guardian?
The court will look to the family first to determine if there is anyone qualified to serve as guardian. A family member is often the best choice to serve, because the family will be most familiar with their loved ones unique preferences and will have some knowledge of their individual history to aid advocacy.

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1. Who is the Court likely to appoint as guardian?
2. Where can I go to get help petitioning for guardianship?
3. Are there any alternative options to petitioning for guardianship?
4. Is setting up a guardianship expensive?
5. How long does it take to get a guardianship in place when there are no other reasonable alternatives to guardianship?
6. What are the post appointment responsibilities of the court appointed guardian?
7. Is the Guardian responsible for the Ward's debts and expenses?
8. What will happen when I can no longer take care of my disabled loved one?
9. What do I do if the Ward has significantly improved?
10. What if I am the guardian and want to quit?
11. Are Fiduciaries licensed?