Procurement Code

  1. A1-General Provisions
  2. A2-Procurement Organization
  3. A3-Source Selection & Award
  4. A4-Specifications
  5. A5-Procurement of Construction
  6. A6-Contract Clauses
  7. A7-Intentionally Left Blank
  8. A8-Materials Management
  9. A9-Legal &Contractual Remedies
  10. A10-Intergovernmental
  11. A11-Intentionally Left Blank
  12. A12-Ethics in Public Contract
Ethics in Procurement
County procurement will be carried out with integrity, transparency and accountability in a manner that secures best value for public money.

Integrity requires the purchasing process to be conducted:
  • Ethically
  • Honestly
  • With fairness to all participants
Transparency and accountability require that the basis for decisions is demonstrably clear and objective and that the purchaser is held to account for the conduct of the procurement process.

Feel free to contact Contract Compliance with questions at 602-506-5257, or by email.