FMD Design Standards and Technical Specifications

The following documents and links provide the most current design standards for design professionals hired by FMD to incorporate into the contract documents being developed. Please carefully review and download each of the documents below and contact the FMD Project Manager overseeing the project with any questions.

FMD Design Standards - Instructions & Narrative  ← READ THIS FIRST

FMD Design Standards - Table of Contents CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Please click the link below to download documents. A full list of the documents and their version are listed below.

FMD Design Standards & Technical Specifications CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

  • FMD Design Standards - Instructions & Narrative – REV 061423
  • FMD Design Standards – Table of Contents – REV 080323
  • FMD Technical Specifications (multiple divisions – see table of contents to ensure all are provided)
  • Office of Enterprise and Technology (OET) Design Standards (Appendix A) – REV5.0
  • Owner Provided Toilet Accessories (Appendix B) – REV 061423
  • Maricopa County Brand Guidelines (Appendix C) – REV 061423

Depending on project delivery method the following are provided for Construction Manager at Risk (CM@R) and Design Bid Build. Please confirm delivery method with FMD Project Manager and request a copy of the contract for reference.  

  • FMD General Conditions (Division 00) – MAY NOT BE MODIFIED IN ANY WAY

  • FMD General Requirements (Division 01)

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