Electronic Document Review (EDR) Planning Applications

Electronic Document Review (EDR) is a new on-line planning application submittal process provided for certain Planning Services applications. EDR allows applicants to file planning application on-line and receive review comments electronically. EDR also allows you to submit and check the status of your application on-line 24/7.

EDR Includes the following benefits

Simplicity - Convenience - Collaboration - Cost-Effectiveness

  • Complete the initial submittal process in a manner of minutes
  • Tailored to most projects
  • Submit plans, check review status
  • Confirm/validate which documents have been submitted and reviewed
  • Accessible throughout the life cycle of your project from beginning to end 
  • Coordinated document redlines and written comments from multiple County agencies 
  • Can potentially reduce review cycle and response times
  • Eliminate the need to print multiple plan sets for application submittal
  • Save trips by completing most actions online 
  • EDR allows you to save an application at any point and complete the submittal at a later time. 

The streamlined process includes the following screens: 

1. Project Information - description of project and selection of application
2. Applicant Information - applicant contact information 
3. Owner Information - ownership contact information 
4. Attachments - upload of application materials
5. Review - review of data entry for the EDR application 
6. Pay Fees - payment of application fees
7. Initialization - case tracking number provided 

Which Planning applications are being accepted for EDR?

Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Drainage Waiver
Land Use Applications
Military Compatibility Permit with or without Plan of Development
Minor Development Master Plan Amendment
Plan of Development
Plan of Development Major or Minor Amendments
Preliminary Plat / Final Plat / Subdivision Grading & Infrastructure Permit
Residential / Non-Residential Variance
Special Use Permit
Special Use Permit Major or Minor Amendments
Temporary Use Permits
Variance Residential / Variance Non-Residential 
Zone Change Major and Minor Amendments
Zone Change with or without Overlay 

How do I get Started?

1. Setup an On-line Permit Manager account via the On-line Permit Manager (also known as the Citizen Access Portal).

2. Download the EDR Application User Guide - Provides detailed instructions on the application requirements and the on-line submittal process.

3. Download the Planning Application Packet - Includes blank application form and required documents and application processes.

4. Completed and signed application form and supporting documents saved in Adobe PDF format

5. Have payment option ready for on-line submittal.

6. Go to the On-line Permit Manager to get started with the EDR application submittal.

Electronic Document Review (EDR) User Guides Application Packets
EDR User Guide - Comprehensive Plan Amendment (PDF) Comprehensive Plan Amendment (PDF)
EDR User Guide - Drainage Waiver (PDF) Drainage Waiver (PDF)
EDR User Guide - Final Plat (PDF) EDR Final Plat Packet (PDF)
EDR User Guide - Land Use (PDF) Agricultural Exemption (PDF)
EDR User Guide - Military Compatibility Permit (PDF) Military Compatibility Permit (PDF)
EDR User Guide - Minor Development Master Plan (PDF) Minor Development Master Plan (PDF)
EDR User Guide - Plan of Development (PDF)
EDR User Guide - Preliminary Plat (PDF) Preliminary Plat (PDF)
EDR User Guide - Special Use Permit (PDF) Special Use Permit (PDF)
EDR User Guide - Temporary Use Permit (PDF) Temporary Use Permit (PDF)
EDR User Guide - Variance (PDF) Variance (PDF)
EDR User Guide - Zone Change (PDF) Zone Change (PDF) 

Assistance with the EDR Application Process

For assistance with the EDR application process or to address any questions, please contact the Planning and Development Customer Service team at 602-506-3301 or by e-mail at pdcustomerservice@mail.maricopa.gov or contact Rachel Applegate at 602-372-0318 or via e-mail at rachelapplegate@mail.maricopa.gov