Human Services Department: Our Management Principles


“Where every employee has the opportunity to do their best every day”

HSD management will build on the Department’s strengths to create a workplace environment in which employees are increasingly engaged by ensuring:

  1. Employees understand that their job is important and connected to the Mission and purpose of the Department
  2. Management and Supervisors hire the best possible employees for each position
  3. Job expectations are clearly communicated and understood
  4. Employees receive the training and tools necessary to do the job
  5. Staff receive regular communication about the County, HSD and Division directions from knowledgeable, committed, and inspiring leaders
  6. Staff receive positive and supportive feedback on performance with expectation of accountability
  7. Opportunities to learn, develop, and grow
  8. Achievements are recognized

HSD management and employees will work together to ensure:

  1. Staff are involved, encouraged to speak up, seek solutions, are listened to, and believe their opinions count
  2. When consensus is reached or decisions are made, there is acceptance moving forward
  3. Quality and committed relationships with peers, staff, and supervisors
  4. Staff at all levels are committed to excellence and continuous improvement
  5. Accept change and embrace opportunities.


Accept change and embrace opportunities.