Performance Testing

Performance tests are conducted according to established procedures in order to quantify emissions and provide an objective means for determining compliance with established emission limits. It is important that each test be performed in a valid, representative manner to ensure that the results provide an accurate representation of a source’s actual emissions. 

The performance test evaluation section concentrates its efforts on performance tests required by regulations and permit conditions, which are conducted using EPA Reference Methods. The engineering staff follows performance tests from initiation to completion. 

Primary Responsibilities of the Performance Test Evaluation

  • Engineering evaluation of performance test reports to ensure compliance with appropriate regulations
  • Observation of performance tests to ensure proper execution
  • Technical review of performance test protocols to ensure proper methodology

Additional Responsibilities Include:

  • Providing input during the rule-making process, permitting process, and policies and procedures development
  • Providing technical guidance to the regulated community, consultants, other regulatory agencies and the general public
  • Providing technical support to other department employees
  • Remaining informed of changes in technology, methodologies, and regulations
Page reviewed 22 September 2023