Environmental Services Standards Committee


The mission of the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department (Department) Standards Committee is to provide a time for standards to come together and discuss food code and to help our staff members provide consistent documentation of violations, and ensuring that our stakeholders understand the reasoning behind the decisions. To provide a setting for our stakeholders to bring process improvement ideas to the committee for consideration.


The vision is that all field inspectors, supervisors and our stakeholders have a place to go with their questions and know that each item will be discussed with the division as a whole, that feedback (both discussion and code references) will be brought back to each office and inspectors will be consistently giving the same message to operators.

The Department currently has 3 staff members that have been standardized by the FDA. Those staff members then standardize supervisors in each office who then will standardize their staff.

Process Improvements

At each meeting, time will be allotted for an open roundtable for stakeholders and the Department to discuss and suggest process improvements for the Environmental Health program.  Stakeholders are encouraged to bring suggestions and also any questions they might have.


  • 2019 Meetings:
    • January 9th (Canceled)
    • April 10th (3800 N Central Ave, Phoenix AZ 85012)
    • July 10th
    • October 9th
  • Location to be determined
  • 9:30 a.m.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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  • When a code questions comes up from Environmental Health field staff to their Supervisor, the Supervisor answers the question using code.  If the Supervisor feels this issues would be a good reminder to all Environmental Health staff, they will submit the "Standards Committee Submittal Form" (Submittal Form) to the Department Trainers with the “Staff Reminder” box checked.
  • If a code question comes up from field staff to the Supervisor and the Supervisor is not sure of the answer, he/she will discuss the scenario with the other Supervisors and the Managing Supervisor in the office.  Together they will try and come up with an answer.  Once the answer is reached the Supervisor has the option of sending it to the Department Trainers via a completed Submittal Form, with the “Staff Reminder” box checked.
  • If the question can’t be answered by the Regional office, the Submittal Form  will be filled out. The office will also send one or more representatives to the Standards Committee meeting ready to present the code question and provide background information to the committee.
  • The Department Trainers will collate all the questions that come up for the different regional offices and send them out to the committee prior to the meeting, so that they can review each question with their office Supervisors and the Managing Supervisor prior to the meeting.