Vacant Lots & Open Areas

Dust control measures are required if an open area or vacant lot:

  1. has a disturbed area larger than 500 square feet (a disturbed area is where the surface earth has been moved, uncovered, or modified from its native condition), and
  2. if the area remains unused and undeveloped for more than 15 days.

Dust control measures include establishing a vegetative ground cover (such as shrubs and grasses), applying dust suppressants, or applying surface gravel. The owner or operator of the area could also stabilize and restore all disturbed areas so that they are similar to adjacent or nearby undisturbed native conditions.

For more information, consult the Open Areas and Vacant Lots brochure or Rule 310.01 § 302.5, or call (602) 506-6010

Page reviewed 29 March 2019