Burn Permits

Burn permits are required because the process of burning wood and other materials produces fine particulate matter that can be harmful to your lungs and heart. Burning also produces carbon monoxide and other toxins that can harm your health.To submit a Burn Permit Application, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Review guidance document below to create an account on the Dust and Miscellaneous Portal: 

Create an Account for the Dust and Miscellaneous Portal

STEP 2: Login to Dust and Miscellaneous Portal to access your account. 

STEP 3: Access applicable guidance documents from resource links below to navigate through the portal:  

Completing an Open Burn Permit Application through the Dust and Miscellaneous Portal (PDF)

Outdoor Fires

To reduce particulate matter air pollution, all types of outdoor fires are prohibited in Maricopa County, except for fires that are specifically allowed by Rule 314. Rule 314 lists the types of fires that are allowed and the restrictions that apply to each type of fire. Permits are required for the following types of fires:

  • Fires for disease and/or pest prevention
  • Fires for prevention of fire hazards
  • Fires for firefighter training
  • Fires for burning agricultural ditchbanks and fence rows
  • Fires for watershed rehabilitation or control
  • Fires for destruction of tumbleweeds (not allowed from May 1 – September 30 in Area A)
  • Fires for agricultural land clearance (not allowed from May 1 – September 30 in Area A)

Before Igniting an Outdoor Fire

  1. Obtain a burn permit (if required by Rule 314).
  2. Call 602-506-6400 or visit our Burn Restrictions Advisory page to determine if a No Burn Day has been declared. If a No Burn Day has been declared, you may not burn on that day.
  3. Call your local fire department or dispatch center and notify them of your intent to burn. If they do not give permission to burn, you may not burn on that day.
  4. Submit the following burn information to the Air Quality Department by email (AQpermits@maricopa.gov) each time burning occurs:
  • The date of the burn
  • The type and quantity of fuel burned
  • The fire type (such as pile or windrow)
  • The legal location of the burn (street address, parcel number, or latitude/longitude)

Air Curtain Destructors

Open outdoor fires in an air curtain destructor require a Title V permit and an approved burn plan. For more information, call 602-506-6010.


Fines for outdoor fires that require a burn permit range from $200 - $10,000 per violation, depending on the type and amount of material burned, the location of the outdoor fire, and other factors associated with the violation.

Report a Violation

Complete the online Air Quality Violations Report Form or call the air quality hotline at 602-372-2703. When calling, you will either speak to our complaint intake staff or leave a message describing the violation. These messages are checked frequently throughout the day so that complaints can be assigned to inspectors promptly. If you choose to provide contact information when submitting a complaint, the inspector who responds to the complaint will contact you to explain their findings.

Page reviewed 22 January 2021