AQD Online Portal (IMPACT)

ATTENTION: Dust control permit applications do not require a Shared CROMERR Services (SCS) electronic signature. To submit a dust control permit application electronically, see our Dust Permit Application Portal page. 

What is the AQD Online Portal?

The AQD Online Portal (IMPACT) is the Maricopa County Air Quality Department’s (MCAQD) new online inventory, monitoring, permitting, and compliance tracking data system. The portal currently supports Title V permits, Non-Title V permits, General permits, Asbestos NESHAP Notifications and Revisions, and Emissions Inventory. The portal will allow users to submit and track applications, reports, notifications, and documents electronically to MCAQD. 

Accessing the AQD Online Portal

Each individual that requires access to the AQD Online Portal must first create a SCS Electronic Signature. Creating a SCS Electronic Signature is completed through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SCS electronic reporting site. The access and use of a SCS Electronic Signature requires the creation of a user ID and password that must be kept confidential. A SCS Electronic Signature is for individual use only, and cannot be shared or accessed by anybody other than the original owner. For more information, see the SCS Terms and Conditions. 

Guides to Creating your SCS Electronic Signature:

If your organization/company has never had a permit with MCAQD, if your organization/company has recently changed ownership, or if you cannot find your organization/company when creating your SCS Electronic Signature, please fill out and submit one of the attached forms:

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