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    Use our online form to send us any questions or concerns.

  2. Register My Firm

    Invitations for bids and/or requests for qualifications for Maricopa County can be found at

  3. Browse the FCD Library

    The online library catalog search shows engineering documents such as studies, reports, technical resources, structure plans, and drainage study maps that are available for viewing at the Flood Control District (District) offices and, in many cases, that can be downloaded directly.

  4. Projects List

    View detailed information about the District's current and completed projects.

  5. Report a Flood

    Residents can use this tool to view and share images and videos of current and past flooding incidents. The information submitted will be used by the Flood Control District of Maricopa County to better protect residents from flooding.

  6. Request a Floodplain Use Permit Inspection

  7. Check Floodplain Inspection Request Status

    Check the current status of your Floodplain Use Permit being obtained for development within one of the communities the District does floodplain management for.

  8. Make a Public Records Request