Online Maps

  1. Floodplain Viewer

    Floodplain Viewer

    Find out if your property in Maricopa County is in a floodplain.

  2. Storm Central (best for mobile devices)

    Storm Central (best for mobile devices)

    ALERT data (rainfall, streamflow, & weather), radar and National Weather Service warnings

  3. Real-time Weather (best for desktops)

    Real-time Weather (best for desktops)

    Current rainfall, weather, stream and impoundment information for Maricopa County and nearby counties. These data are updated every 5 minutes.

  4. Reported Flooding

    Reported Flooding

    FCD provides a map for Maricopa County citizens to upload and share images and videos of current and past flooding events.

  5. Flood Hazard Identification Studies

    Flood Hazard Identification Studies

    Information about active and completed flood hazard identification studies by the Flood Control District of Maricopa County.

  6. Current & Historical Aerial Photography

    Current & Historical Aerial Photography

    See how Maricopa County has changed over the years.

  7. Elevation Certificates

    Elevation Certificates

    This map displays the location of issued elevation certificates within Maricopa County. Each green triangle represents the location of an elevation certificate that has been issued for a particular structure.

  8. FLO-2D Model Results

    FLO-2D Model Results

    FLO-2D hydraulic information provided is from two-dimensional hydrologic and hydraulic computer models from floodplain delineation studies.