Elections & Voting

  1. Candidate / Campaign Information

    Those wishing to become political candidates can find important information here.

  2. District Locator

    You can view your districts by entering your residence address of record.

  3. District Maps

    The Maricopa County Elections Department offers several options for viewing maps of election districts and voting precincts.

  4. Early Voting Ballot Request

    To request an early ballot for upcoming elections, please complete our online form.

  5. Election Calendar

    View the full election calendar for Maricopa County elections.

  6. Election Results

    Find election results for past elections.

  7. Frequently Asked Questions

    Find frequently asked questions about elections and early voting.

  8. Kids Voting

    Kids Voting Arizona is a nonpartisan, grassroots-driven voter education program. The Arizona Bar Foundation is committed to creating lifelong voting habits in children and increase adult voter turnout. Through our program, Arizona is leading a national fight against voter apathy.

  9. Polling Place Locator

    You can find your assigned location by entering your current residence address online.

  10. Register To Vote

    Learn how you can register to vote!