Boards & Commissions A - B

  1. Aggregate Mining Operations Zoning District

    In cooperation with the State Mine Inspector's Office and various county agencies, the Aggregate Mining Operations Zoning District #1 Recommendations Committee reviews issues related to mining operations along the Agua Fria River between the CAP Canal and Grand Avenue and may act as a mediator to resolve conflicts, and may adopt administrative regulations for aggregate mining operations within the District.

  2. Air Pollution Hearing Board

    Provide a mechanism for industrial air pollution sources in the county whereby compliance with emissions standards can be achieved without loss of production, reduction of labor force, and/or strained financial conditions.

  3. Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation Board of Directors

    The Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation Board of Directors is a nonprofit corporation (501(c)(3)) created in 1997 for the purpose of furthering the welfare and well-being of the residents of the State of Arizona, by means of raising funds to be used exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. The desire is that the community benefit from the economic development of baseball.

  4. Board of Adjustment/Drainage Review Board

    The mission of the Board of Adjustment is to act on requests by citizens to interpret provisions of the zoning ordinance, variances to zoning ordinance standards and appeals for use permits for temporary uses or temporary events. All actions are taken at a public hearing. A decision of the board is final and may only be appealed to Superior Court.

  5. Board of Health

    The Board of Health advises the director and requests from the director information it deems necessary. The board makes rules and regulations, consistent with the rules and regulations of the Department of Public Health for the protection and preservation of public health.

  6. Board of Hearing Review

    The Board of Hearing Review hears appeals to Chief Engineer Orders for floodplain violations and for damage to district facilities violations.

  7. Building Code Advisory Board

    The Building Code Advisory Board is responsible for determining the suitability of alternate materials or construction methods under the provisions of the Maricopa County Comprehensive Building Safety Code, and reviewing and making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for adoption of new building codes.