Capital Facilities Development

Capital Facilities Division

The Capital Facilities Division (CFD) is responsible for the Estimating, Design and Construction Management activities for the Facilities Management Department. The Division is:
  • made up of Project Managers with backgrounds in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Management
  • oversees the scoping, detailed design and construction of approximately 200 projects per fiscal year
  • develops over 300 turnkey conceptual project budget estimates on a yearly basis

The Group takes the lead in the development of the annual Major Maintenance Program, the Capital Improvement Program, and the Five-year Facility Project Plan. 
  • Typical examples of projects include remodels, renovations, and upgrades to building systems and equipment.
  • Construction projects are executed using a number of delivery methods including Job Order Contracting, Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR), and Design Bid Build.

Planning Division

The Planning Division consists of Planners, Technicians, Architects and Inventory Specialists. The Planners perform and manage Facility Master Plans, space plans, and furniture layouts; Building Condition Assessments; and meet up front with project stakeholders to determine long term needs and develop conceptual programs and layouts.

The Group is responsible for:
  • Providing Master planning and conceptual design services for the Facilities Management Department
  • The Asset Inventory Management (AIM) program for reuse of systems 
  • Conceptual and detailed design on Tenant Improvements