1. Arizona Criminal Justice Commission

    The mission of the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission is to sustain and enhance the coordination, cohesiveness, productivity and effectiveness of the Criminal Justice System in Arizona.

  2. Clerk of the Court

    Gather more information about the Clerk of the Superior Court of Maricopa County and the services provided by their office.

  3. Constables

    The Constables of Maricopa County provide the public with an efficient and timely service of process issued through the Justice Courts.

  4. County Attorney

    The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is one of the nation’s largest public prosecutorial agencies, serving nearly 4 million residents in the fourth largest county in the United States.

  5. Courts

    View more information about the courts of Maricopa County, including the Justice Courts, the Juvenile Courts, and the Superior Court.

  6. Integrated Criminal Justice Information System

    Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (ICJIS) is a Maricopa County department that assists stakeholders to electronically exchange data between their mission critical case management systems and other County, State and Federal partners.

  7. Justice System Planning & Information

    To manage increasing costs and work-load demands on the criminal justice system, Maricopa County created the Justice System Planning and Information Department (JSPI). JSPI supports the strategic priorities of Maricopa County to ensure safe communities and a streamlined, integrated justice system.

  8. Law Library

    Review the offerings at the Law Library of Maricopa County and learn more about the services they provide.

  9. Probation

    Find out more information about probation services and handling in Maricopa County.

  10. Public Defense Services

    Take a look at the services provided for public defense in Maricopa County.

  11. Public Fiduciary

    The mission of the Maricopa County Public Fiduciary is to provide guardianship, conservatorship, decedent services and court ordered investigations for vulnerable adults so that their estates and well-being are protected.

  12. Sheriff's Office

    The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is a law enforcement agency, headed by an elected Sheriff, which serves and protects the unincorporated areas of Maricopa County as well as several contract cities.

  13. Superior Court Self-Service Center

    Self-help forms and resources are provided by the Maricopa County Superior Court Law Library Resource Center, to help individuals help themselves in court.