The Flood Control District collaborates with towns, cities and other government agencies to develop flooding solutions for the citizens of Maricopa County. Resources available to government agencies for the remediation of floodwater include: capital programs, an alert system that monitors 24-hour weather conditions throughout the County, and technical resources for the identification of flood hazards.
  1. Capital Improvement Program

    The District primarily accomplishes structural flood hazard mitigation through its five-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) which is the revolving funding plan for accomplishing capital projects.

  2. Small Project Assistance Program

    The District has recognized that, particularly in urban areas, localized flooding hazards exist where large structural solutions would be impractical. The Small Project Assistance Program provides a mechanism for the District to commit funding, on a limited basis, to advancing localized solutions in these situations.

  3. Floodprone Property Assistance Program

    Similar to the Small Project Assistance Program, the Floodprone Property Assistance Program provides a tool to mitigate flood hazards where structural solutions are impractical.

  4. Rainfall & Weather

  5. Projects & Studies

    Find links to projects and studies done on floodplains including flood hazard identification studies and floodplain mapping / GIS.

  6. Records Requests

    Request records from the Flood Control District including requests for commercial purposes.

  7. Technical Resources

    Find technical resources including GIS Data, Engineering Tools, and Software.