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Employee Benefits

Maricopa County is committed to providing affordable, quality, health benefits to employees and their families.

This website provides access to benefits information 24/7. Find a health care provider, view a summary of benefits, download forms, and access vendor's websites. View an Overview of Benefits (PDF).

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Happy New Year!

The new Benefits Plan Year (PY 2017-2018) started on Saturday, July 1, 2017. Here is some information to help you navigate the start of the New Year.

Check Your Benefit Deductions on the First Paycheck of the New Plan Year.
July 12 is the first paycheck of the new Plan Year and your new benefit deductions should be reflected in this paycheck.

Respond to the Dependent Verification Audit
Letters have been sent to employees who added new dependents to coverage (medical, vision, and/or dental) during the recent Open Enrollment for Plan Year 2017-2018. It is very important that you respond to the audit by July 29, 2017.

If you transitioned from UnitedHealthcare HDHP to Cigna HDHP and submitted a “Request to Close and Transfer Health Savings Account” form to the Employee Benefits Office, here is the timeline for the transfer of funds from Optum Bank to HSA Bank:

  • July 27: All investments must be liquidated at Optum bank by employees transferring funds to HSA Bank
  • August 7-14: Black-out period; no activity allowed on Optum Bank accounts for employees transferring funds to HSA Bank
  • August 14: Accounts at Optum Bank closed for employees transferring funds to HSA Bank
  • August 15: H.S.A. balances transferred from Optum Bank to HSA Bank

If you enrolled in one of the High Deductible Health Plans and you have a Health Savings Account:
  • These accounts will be funded with the County contribution before July 15, 2017.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA) Deadline

If you are enrolled in the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA) for Plan Year 2016-2017, there are two important deadlines for you to be aware of.*
  • June 30, 2017 is the deadline for you to incur eligible expenses for which you wish to be reimbursed from your DCFSA. Funds not used for expenses incurred by this date will be forfeited.   
  • August 31, 2017 is the deadline for you to submit claims for reimbursement for the dependent care services you received between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.

No exceptions to these deadlines are permitted.

*Different rules apply for employees who terminate employment or whose benefits otherwise terminate.

Dependent Verification Audit

ADP will be conducting a Dependent Verification Audit to validate that dependents who were newly added to benefits coverage during the County’s recent Open Enrollment period are eligible to participate in the County’s benefit plans. The audit:
  • APPLIES to employees who added dependents to coverage (medical, vision, and/or dental) for Plan Year 2017-2018 and whose dependents did not have coverage or were not approved as eligible for coverage for Plan Year 2016-2017.
  • DOES NOT APPLY to employees who added dependents to coverage (medical, vision, and/or dental) for Plan Year 2017-2018 and whose dependents were covered for Plan Year 2016-2017.

Letters will be mailed to employees’ homes in late June.

To satisfy the audit, employees are being asked to complete these three steps:

  1. Gather the documentation requested in the audit letter.
  2. Fax, mail, or upload the documentation to ADP using the Cover Sheet provided in the letter.
  3. Submit the documentation by July 29, 2017.

The consequences of NOT responding to the audit by the deadline, July 29, 2017, are:

  • Dependents will be dropped from coverage retroactively to July 1, 2017.
  • Employees will be financially responsible for claims paid for dependents who are not approved as eligible for coverage. 
  • Employees will not have the opportunity to re-add dependents to coverage until next year, July 1, 2018.

Magellan Workshops:
Enhancing Your Relationships with Better Communication

Effective communication helps us better understand others, and it assists us to resolve disagreements. However, what we try to communicate to others, and what others try to communicate to us, frequently gets misunderstood. This miscommunication can cause conflict and frustration in our personal and work-related relationships.

In this one-hour workshop presented by Magellan Health as part of your Employee Assistance Program benefits, you will learn basic techniques to improve your communication skills in order to enhance your relationships at work and home.

  • Tuesday, July 19, 2017
  • 12:00-1:00 pm
  • 301 W. Jefferson St., Second Floor, Test Rooms A & B

Please register for this class through TheHUB, the County's online learning center. There must be a minimum of 10 students for this workshop to be held.

Magellan Webinar Series

8 Ways to Destroy Your Relationships - and How to Avoid Them!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 11:00-12:00 pm 

This  webinar presents things we occasionally do that destroy our
relationships, and then clearly explains what to do differently to avoid the pitfalls of relationship failures. From flops to fantastic!