Services & Fees

  1. Adopt a Pet

    Here you can find all the benefits of adopting an animal from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Department, the adoption fees, additional fees, and frequently asked questions and our responses.

  2. Animal Surrender Fees

    View the fees for surrendering a owned dog or cat to the Animal Care Center.

  3. Department Events

    Find upcoming community and department events to participate in.

  4. Dog License

    Thousands of pets find their way to our shelters every year. A majority of these animals have no form of identification and are never reunited with their families.

  5. Locations & Hours

    Find the locations and operation hours for our 2 full service animal care centers, West Valley Animal Care and East Valley Animal Care.

  6. Microchip

    View the fee for getting your pet microchip.

  7. Rabies Vaccinations

  8. News & Subscription Resources

    Here you can view our annual reports, Maddie's reports, newsletters, social media outlets, press releases, and policies.

  9. Report an Incident

    Here you can browse through a list of online report an incident forms and contact information for the surrounding areas.

  10. Spay & Neuter

    In addition to helping reduce our community's pet homelessness problem, studies have shown that spayed/neutered pets are typically healthier, less territorial and less aggressive.

  11. Update Person / Dog Information

    Here you can view a list of forms you can either print off and fill out or fill out and submit online.